Matrix Reimprinting



Matrix Re-imprinting is an advanced form of EFT and works on the energy field around our bodies, the one that connects us with all living things.

There is no time or space in the matrix and so we are able to travel backwards or forwards in time and work on the memory – which is not just a memory, but a specific energy block frozen in time which we call an ECHO – Energy Consciousness Hologram, or forward to a future you, who can inspire or even give advice to the present day you.


Take a look at this short clip from Karl Dawson…..

How Matrix Re-Imprinting works:

We use basic EFT to calm the emotional charge we feel and then we literally have the present day you go visit and empower the younger you, that frozen part of you – and have a ‘do-over’, changing the negative emotion of that memory to a positive one. We do not deny what actually happened, just change the way we feel about it. As the matrix is just a giant mirror reflecting all our beliefs – which has us attract and experience the things we do – it is here we are also able to alter the limiting beliefs that we may have about ourselves to a far more beneficial positive belief.

When we have a 100% positive picture of that previously traumatic event, we are then able to imprint that new picture into our neural pathways, our bodies and out into the matrix, so that your mind, body and spirit can integrate the new information and support the new you.

It is also possible to work on issues pre-birth or even from a past life, as the essence of you is still the same.