Life Coaching

Through a list of exercises that starts with writing 20 accomplishments you have achieved so far in your life – be it coming first in the egg & spoon race at 6 years of age, being head prefect in High School or moving up the corporate ladder – and then listing your natural ability or learnt skill that you already had that helped you accomplish those things; we start off by acknowledging you in a way people rarely do.

Even at this level some people require coaching as they do not see that these things are accomplishments. Their standards have been set so high by others, or their belief system says ‘they would never amount to anything’.

This form of coaching is hugely beneficial to anyone wanting to set goals for themselves or feel they are stuck in a job they hate – or for whatever reason they seek coaching – and the process brings the desired results at the comfortable pace at which you the client set.

With EFT, I am able to effectively assist you to shift and / or release your limiting beliefs, the stumbling blocks and all the “ja, but…’s” that are in the way of you achieving exactly what you want.