Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is commonly referred to as Tapping or Emotional Acupuncture.

We use our finger tips to tap on the meridian lines in the body to create a vibration that assists your body to shift emotional trauma or issues that have been suppressed and have caused an energy block.

Ever noticed how some people just know how to “push your buttons”? That ‘button’ is an unresolved emotion sitting there in your energy field that is getting triggered over and over again by anything that reminds your body of the issue or trauma you once had. Tapping removes the emotional charge, leaving you with just a memory that has no effect on you.

That trauma / issue could be something as simple as your teacher yelling at you for colouring outside the lines at age 5 and because you were young and did not have the tools to deal with what was going on, you suppressed the sad, hurt feeling, and because our main aim in life is to survive, we made up a story that colouring / drawing is not safe. Then later on in life we want to paint our bedroom, but that is similar to colouring, its creative…. better step away from that, and then still later we are ‘brain storming’ at work coming up with creative ideas for a campaign, and you just feel totally uncomfortable but do not know why. You just KNOW you can’t do this; you will be no good at this task.

With tapping and simple questioning we will be able to ‘drill’ down to that 5 year old and get to the source. As tapping deals mostly with the subconscious mind, these memories surface easily.

Obviously if it is severe trauma, we do not require you to relive that experience. A skilled, trained practitioner will never re – traumatise you and will use one of the many other techniques to support you while you gently deal with the block.