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“Knowing that all you need to know for sure is WHAT you want, and the universe will work out the HOW, is stress free, fun & exciting as I just look for the openings & opportunities; they are always unexpected, surprising and absolutely perfect! For more information click here

Actual Cases

” I am Ugly”

This wonderful young lady had just broken up with her boyfriend and believed it was because she was so ugly. During her session, we did much healing on her inner child, and the little baby she once was, before she could love and accept herself as the unique being she truly is.

“No good childhood memories”

This session was such an enjoyable one, because within about 30 minutes, this client totally transformed his memories of his upbringing to a positive one; as with childlike delight he shared with me some of the happy memories that started to surface during the session.

An issue of being ‘shy’ This client’s issue of being shy, we discovered within a few minutes into the session, was more of one of having no confidence. With working around her memories of being raised by a strict father, this issue was completely resolved.

Difficulty in attracting a loving relationship ‘Pat’ shifted a block, and allowed herself to heal a past trauma in 3 sessions. Within a month she met her current boyfriend and announced that even the relationship with her children had improved.

An unbalanced and stressful life ‘Jane’ worked hard and studied hard with a driven nature and a belief ‘ that it was never enough”, there was always more she could be doing. Within 45 minutes all that tension was released, and she excitedly told me the next week how relaxed and free she feels. She got engaged 2 months later after being in a steady relationship for 11 years, I cannot help but wonder if there is a connection. ________________________________________________________________________________________________



I began my session with Shirley focusing on my problem of being very apprehensive of public speaking.

I felt completely supported by Shirley, totally able to express my feelings and fears in the safe environment and space she created and held for me.

Shirley gently, artfully, with grace and humour led me through the process and at the end of our hour together, my apprehension had vanished. A fabulous feeling.

Get in touch with Shirley and experience this ‘magic’ yourself.


At first I was skeptical about tapping, I had heard about it & read about it & then I met Shirley.

Before doing tapping, I thought all was ok in my life with an occasional hick up.

I have been with Shirley for the past 3 months, for weekly sessions, addressing many of my emotional issues, which I felt blocked me from living life more openly.

Well I must admit that the results of tapping have surpassed my expectations. WOW, from sitting at home for 10 years, yes 10 years, feeling sorry for myself & that life has done me bad after loosing my husband tragically; tapping has opened up a whole new world for me. My outlook on life, relationships, self-esteem & childhood issues which prevent me to live a more meaningful life. Today I am a new person, my children see the difference and I have unlocked the happiness in me……

Shirley, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being patient with all my issues, I never knew I had! I can see clearly now, the dark is gone & the obstacles removed from my path. I see in colour now, the rainbow. One may not understand this colour thing, but I am grateful for what you have done for me.

I have not described in detail my emotional state, but you & I know what has been addressed & eliminated, it’s just unbelievable what we suppress in the sub-conscious mind.

Thank You.


Although Shirley is my sister, I found her to be professional and impartial and I, who thought I knew myself well, have changed for the better, after dealing with hidden lifelong issues that were so well buried I didn’t even know they were there.

I always thought I was coping well with the ups and downs of life, but with the encouragement to examine more closely the beliefs I had about myself, and my life, and where they originated from, I am a different person; even my colleagues and friends have remarked on the changes in me.

Shirley, knowing me as her sister all her life, has impressed me with her friendly and kind professionalism, and I am positive, if she can do that with someone she knows as her sister, what an impact and how beneficial she will be, helping people who she does not know.

This has been such a magical, interesting journey.