Payments & Costs

Please note:  To deal with all aspects of a trauma 6 sessions are recommended, otherwise you will not achieve the full benefit available to you. It will be like stopping your medication as soon as you start feeling better but not yet fully recovered.

For Locals

Every session is approximately 60 minutes long.

Sessions are payable in advance so it frees us up to concentrate on you and not admin during your session.

Each hour session is R 550.00,please contact me for bank details to make an Electronic Payment

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For International Skype Sessions

Every session is approximately 60 minutes long.

Session are payable in advance and proof of payment is to be emailed prior to your appointment.


Each hour session is 550.00 in South African Rands, please include an extra R 20.00 per transaction  for bank charges when using paypal. Alternatively please contact me for my bank details for a direct transfer.


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  • As a way to play it forward I take one client per month for 6 sessions and allow them to pay me what they can.